Birex tops and inserts are made of high-quality stoneware, carefully selected by suppliers to guarantee the best aesthetic result. Inspired by the veins and shades of marble and natural stone, this material lends a refined elegance to any furnishing project thanks to its wide range of glossy or matt colours availability.

Birex uses stoneware from suppliers who respect nature and certify the quality and production of the material.


Stoneware consists of a mixture of clays and minerals that is uniformly pressed into powder, spread, compacted and decorated on the surface. This mixture is then subjected to high temperatures for firing, which transforms it into an extremely durable and indissoluble material.


The matt stoneware finishes have an aesthetic appeal that influences the entire style with their stone-like appearance, which invites you to discover them by touch.


To keep stoneware clean, just use warm water together with a soft cloth or sponge, possibly a neutral detergent, and finally rinse thoroughly and dry the surface.


Not only is it made of natural elements, but it's also an environmentally sustainable material due to its ability to be recyclable. Furthermore, Birex's suppliers produce this material with sustainable and waste-free processes to ensure environmental friendliness.

Discover the matt finishes of stoneware for decorating. These options add a touch of elegance, whether as details in a mirror or as a surface for a bathroom vanity top.
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