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Birex modern bathroom furniture with a strong visual impact. Organisation and rationality are guaranteed by the one-piece element, which stands as the true protagonist of the entire collection. A combination of aesthetics and functionality that plays with modularity and volumes.

Furniture with organiser for tidy bathrooms

The interplay of volumes in this modern bathroom furniture is focused on the one-piece unit, a characteristic element of the design, which has higher sides and front than the other units. An aesthetic and functional choice because it makes it easier to grip and, at the same time, elegantly designs an organiser space, complete with dividers, dedicated to make-up or personal hygiene products.
One-piece element with make up organizer | Facto bathroom | Birex
Bathroom cabinet with make-up partitions | Facto bathroom | Birex
Bathroom furniture with drawer and partitions for make up | Facto bathroom | Birex

Facto is a modern bathroom furniture by Birex, which can be customised in a variety of materials, such as its refined stoneware one-piece unit, inspired by nature, or in wooden essence with canneté workmanship for elegant chiaroscuro effects in light refraction.

Reduced doors make closed and open units

Facto's interplay of volumes is also led by the reduced doors of the wall and tall units, which impress with elegance and alternate full and empty spaces. The door, which is smaller than the frame, draws both a closed wall unit and an open unit.
Bathroom wall unit with reduced doors for open units | Facto bathroom | Birex

The ways to experience Facto can be the most diverse. Modern bathroom furniture, with floor-to-ceiling columns and boiserie panels with metal shelves, is also suitable for other environments in the house.

The range of materials and finishes available to customise Facto is extremely wide, including textured effects, wood essences, lacquered, Fenix®, stoneware, canneté... discover it!
  • Structure
  • Frontal
  • Top
  • Side panels
  • Groove
  • Metal accessories

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