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An entrance cabinet conceived as a single wardrobe unit, yet space-saving, thanks to its depth of only 35 centimetres. Its harmonious and well-balanced impact is due to its light and modern design, between full vertical lines, designed by sliding doors, and airy open compartments.

Space-saving entrance furniture

In addition to its reduced depth, Skap is also a space-saving wardrobe unit thanks to its sliding door, which thus avoids additional clutter when opening. Inside, there is space for jackets and coats, shelves and shoe racks. The door is available also hinged and can be used as a mirror or not.
Entrance shoe furniture | Skap entrance | Birex
Mirror door detail | Skap entrance wardrobe | Birex
Mirror door detail | Skap entrance wardrobe | Birex

Skap is glass, wood essences, material finishes with the most different yields and matt, glossy, mica, resin or metal lacquers.

Entrance cabinet with open units

In addition to the wardrobe space, Skap can be equipped with a column with open compartments, with or without a closed side. This is a very convenient layout to store bags or objects coming into the house or to hold books and design elements.
Open compartment | Skap entry hall wardrobe | Birex
Skap entry hall wardrobe with open compartment | Birex
Inside detail | Skap entrance wardrobe | Birex

We propose below some compositions that represent only a small part of those that can be realised with Skap to meet personal needs and tastes. We are ready to design them for you.

Check out the wide choice of available finishes for the various elements of Skap, perfect to find a personal solution to your entrance furniture.
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