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Shoe cabinet


A shoe cabinet with reduced depth, hidden behind a large mirrored door with side grip handle. Minimal in design, it proves to be an elegant and versatile piece of furniture, cosy in any environment.

Slim shoe rack column

The Welcome shoe cabinet with reduced depth is a space-saving piece of furniture that fulfils several functions and is therefore even more useful, especially in environments with limited space. This narrow shoe cabinet has an internal height-adjustable system to meet different needs in a practical and fast way.
Suspended furniture with interior coat rack | Welcome shoe cabinet | Birex
Interior detail of the Welcome shoe cabinet | Birex

Welcome's elegant mirror doors can also be chosen in lacquered glass, in numerous finishes selected by Birex.

An essential, slim, minimalist shape can impress with very different interpretations. All it takes is a different finish for the mirror, well matched to the environment.

To decide what a Welcome shoe cabinet would look like in your home, we recommend to start with the available finishes. Discover them now.
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