Suspended bathroom furniture with integrated mineral marble top with depth change | Lapis bathroom | Birex



From a concept of a simple, modern bathroom furniture to a concept that combines aesthetics and functionality to raise modularity to its highest peaks and satisfy the most diverse design requirements. This is Lapis. Distinctive feature: the essentiality of a 45° door grip.

Basic bathroom furniture

The elegance of simplicity, for Lapis. A linear bathroom furniture that emphasises every feature also with unexpected solutions, obtained by joining the fronts at 45°. This allows the drawer to stand out from the rest of the composition and give movement in a change of depth, which also involves the mineral marble top.
Integrated mineral marble top with depth change | Lapis bathroom | Birex
Deep shaped drawer with folding front | Lapis bathroom | Birex

The special Lapis base unit, with its change of depth and integrated basin in the top, is ideal for small bathrooms or bathrooms with obstacles in the washbasin area.

A collection designed by simple and rigorous lines that can follow one another to furnish large and complex spaces, always with lightness. Find inspiration from some of the Lapis proposals.

Elegant simplicity is enhanced by the skilful use of materials and finishes. Discover the wide range selected by Birex and find the combinations that suit your taste.
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