A design bathroom furniture where minimalism is the interpretation of linearity and clean volumes in a key of powerful lightness. A unique and distinctive style in which different materials and thicknesses create an original and innovative interplay of volumes.

Bathroom furniture with minimalistic design

The top is lowered than the sides and fronts, which, when gripped, enable the opening of the door or drawer. The linearity of the design is extended with skilful lightness and elegance to any composition, in a solution of continuity and aesthetic fluidity.

Technology at the service of long-lasting elegance: tops are designed with a special, drip-saving lower seal to protect the underlying elements.

Stoneware bathroom furniture

The compositional richness of the model also includes refined stoneware to realise the top with integrated washbasin and its front. This is designed in a reduced thickness, pleasantly in contrast to the other fronts of the collection and to the sides, always enhanced as an element that completes the style of the furniture, used to impact on its aesthetic effect with the chosen finishes.

Architectural compositions, contaminations with day and night environments, a totem effect with a hanging designer bathroom cabinet and a basket with wheels ... a compositional linearity serving the most diverse results.

Fronts, sides, backs and structures in Fenix®, woods, lacquers, textured surfaces... Natural or mineral marble tops, Corian, Fenix®, HPL... too many to mention. Discover them now!
  • Structure
  • Frontal
  • Top
  • Sides
  • Backs

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