Gola up

A bathroom furniture range with an essential shapes and clean lines groove opening, in which the research of continuity is realised in the total or partial groove. This creates a distinctive element, which transforms the functionality of the aperture into a decoration for the entire collection.

Bathroom furniture with groove opening

A distinctive feature of the model is the groove opening system, which can be either full or half the length of the front. The aluminium handle is integrated in the groove of the door for an easy grip.

The modern style of bathroom furniture with groove opening, loved by those who prefer linearity, includes sit-on or integrated washbasins and includes mirrors, wall units and shelves.

Bathroom with the elegance of metal

Gola Up adds character to its linearity with sides and top with splashback in elegant metal. A metropolitan, dark or industrial flavour, depending on the combination. It's possible to accessorize the sides with a wooden shelf that creates an open unit.

The decoration of the groove opening traces the surfaces of the following compositions with a linear and precise graphic sign. These are examples of possible solutions, an invitation to imagine your own customisation.

A wide range of materials and shapes that combined in a personal way create an ever-changing aesthetic language. Find the combinations that best suit you.
  • Structure
  • Frontal
  • Top
  • Sides
  • Handle

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