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Shoe cabinet


A capacious shoe cabinet, designed by the Birex expert designers to neatly and carefully store up to 40 pairs of shoes, including boots, in a single metre length. It features a minimalist, linear design with doors in numerous finishes to match your own furnishings or to be made even more functional in a mirrored version.

Shoe cabinet for boots

Linear is a capacious tall shoe rack suitable for very tall and maxi shoes. In fact, it is equipped with boot holders and internal space adjustment systems to carefully and optimally store shoes, placed both on the shelves of the cabinet and on the back of the doors.
Linear shoe cabinet inside detail | Birex

The handle with an inclined cut-out is designed to make it easier to open even when several Linear tall shoe cabinets are placed side by side.

A minimalist design focused on an alternation of materials, finishes and mirrored doors. Below are some examples and an invitation: imagine your own Linear composition.

Discover the available finishes to customise each element of the Linear shoe cabinet to match the style of your furniture.
  • Structure
  • Frontals
  • Feet
  • Handle

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