Suspended bathroom furniture with canneté drawer and mirror | Traccia bathroom | Birex



For bathroom furniture with open units, a solution that comes from an important graphic frame: a geometric decoration that enhances the material effect of the surfaces, surrounds the open units and emphasises the volume of the containers. A bathroom furniture with an exclusive design and strong character.

External frame for open units and drawers

The workmanship of Traccia's external frame unites panels at 45° to make them embrace other elements. In an interplay of solids and voids, it makes them enclose open units and drawers of the entire bathroom collection or the doors of wall units and tall units.
Bathroom wall unit with open compartment | Traccia bathroom | Birex
Column with open compartment | Traccia bathroom | Birex
Suspended bathroom furniture with open compartment | Traccia bathroom | Birex

The structural continuity embellishes and at the same time encloses drawers and open compartments in a perfect combination of storage and elegance.

Canneté bathroom furniture

Traccia front panels can be produced in the elegant three-dimensional stripes of canneté workmanship. Created with a continuum of vertical bas-relief cuts, it is known for its craftsmanship and the chiaroscuro effects drawn into the environment.
Suspended bathroom furniture in canneté | Traccia bathroom | Birex
Canneté floor-standing bathroom furniture | Traccia bathroom | Birex
Canneté door and stoneware top | Traccia bathroom | Birex

A simple bathroom furniture with open units, an expression of quality materials. Take inspiration from the compositions in order to customise it according your needs.

Choose the finishes that best suit your taste and needs to furnish your home with Traccia. Discover the range of materials and colours selected by Birex.
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