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Idrobox is the equipped laundry furniture that interprets the most diverse daily needs, from a small storeroom to a bathroom, to a true domestic laundry. Versatile in its vast modularity, it offers innumerable interior fittings to leave the outside with a perfectly functional order and clean aesthetics.

Laundry furniture with washing machine

The vast modularity of Idrobox laundry system enables the most various and customised solutions. For example, it allows the appliances to be left visible, perhaps placed in a structure so that everything is at hand, or set on the floor with a convenient washing machine worktop above. For those who want a solution with more refined aesthetics, on the other hand, we recommend a retractable washer and dryer rack module. It optimises space, makes it practical and appears tidier and more spacious.
Washing machine and dryer compartment | Hydrobox equipped laundry | Birex
Worktop with end side panel above washing machine | Hydrobox equipped laundry | Birex

Tailor-made to fit into any space, Idrobox combines different finishes with balance, between rational volumes and sinuous lines.

Imagine the Idrobox composition tailor-made for you. As a cue, some compositions created with this equipped and versatile laundry furniture thanks to its vast modularity.

The functionality of an equipped laundry furniture unit like Idrobox is only as good as its aesthetics, which can also be customised as desired. Discover all the finishes.
  • Structure
  • Frontals
  • Top
  • Groove

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