To keep everything tidy, Birex has designed XBox, a container with a shutter that is easy to fit into the most diverse contexts, but above all convenient in tight spaces. Thanks to the front sliding shutter, there is no added bulk and it facilitates movement even in the smallest spaces.

Equipped storage cabinet

It's a container wardrobe with a shutter with endless possibilities of internal equipment: shoe racks, pull-out coat rack or clothes tube, shaped shelves to insert brooms or broom compartments in addition to the various shelves and drawers.

Endless uses for XBox: from garage to laundry room, from the office to the utility room.

Which shade do you like the most among those selected by Birex for XBox? White, olmo light or olmo grey for the frame and 10 different options for the front opening shutter.
  • Structure
  • Shutter

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