Bathroom furniture with base, countertop sink, HPL back and sides | Deep bathroom | Birex



Perfect as a suspended bathroom furniture, which can be designed in a wide range of options, but is also remarkable when mounted on a metal base. Its compositional flexibility is unique, developed around three different depths and a magnificent range of finishes.

Bathroom furniture in Fenix® or HPL

The design of this modern bathroom furniture offers extraordinary creative freedom, enriched by the optional insertion of a back panel, possibly with sides, to enhance the main unit. It's a decorative feature that emphasises Deep, ennobles it since it's made with an innovative material such as Fenix® or in the remarkable stone and oxide effects of the HPL finishes, and makes it even more functional if it's accessorized with a shelf, which can be fitted with the Pomolo hanger.
Fenix back with Pomolo hanger | Deep bathroom | Birex
Bathroom furniture with countertop sink, HPL back and side | Deep bathroom | Birex
Backrest with shelf in HPL | Deep bathroom | Birex

Integrated lighting, a hanging towels knob, open compartments, mirrors and shelves: Deep widens the horizon to an entire bathroom system.

Matching Deep mirror

Deep is designed with attention to every detail, including mirrors that decorate the bathroom furniture on request. They are enriched by a Fenix® or HPL panel that recalls the details of the cabinet and can be set up in different positions.
Deep mirror with pomolo hanger and integrated lamp | Deep bathroom | Birex
Deep mirror with pomolo hanger and integrated lamp | Deep bathroom | Birex

Deep optimises solutions for every area, whether large, normal or small, so the washbasin always has a good size and there is always plenty of space to hang or lean on. Here are some inspirations.

The modular flexibility of Deep bathroom furniture system is expressed in an extreme wealth of available materials and finishes. Discover them now!
  • Structure
  • Frontal
  • Top
  • Side panels
  • Handle
  • Base

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