Metal can be an essential element in interior design; even a small detail can provide attention-grabbing brightness. At Birex we are conscious of this and that's why we offer many options to use metal.

Birex offers metals in carefully selected finishes so that they never go out of style and stand out for sophistication.


Birex's contemporary design furniture offers versatility through the use of metal, and can therefore be placed in modern environments and, at the same time, add a touch of sophistication or modernity in different contexts, such as luxurious, vintage, and rustic.


Metal is very versatile due to its ductility, which makes it suitable for interior designers' work and needs. It is also durable, hard and easy to clean, keeping its quality intact over time.


For ordinary cleaning, simply use a soft cloth or microfibre sponge, together with warm water and neutral detergent. You can also use a brush with gentle, natural bristles, but avoid acidic and abrasive products in general.


Epoxy powder coatings are used to create an even and durable finish on metal parts. This solution also has the ecological advantage of not needing solvents.

Discover the metal finish options available for Birex furniture. These finishes are elegant and easily match any environment.
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Download the finishes seen above. You will have them at your fingertips to make your furniture choices.