Discover the new Birex bathroom furniture collection: an oasis of style and functionality for your everyday environment. With a wide range of innovative solutions and sophisticated details, Birex offers genuine design elements that transform your space into a unique and welcoming place.

Facto Bathroom, design by Signorotto + Partners

Innovative technical solutions

Once again, the incredible flexibility of the solutions offered and the multiple customisation possibilities represent a further step towards a unique design that combines creativity, elegance and technological innovation. As in our Sail model where we have introduced aluminium honeycomb doors, which give the furniture a modern elegance and superior durability. A solution that guarantees lightness, stability and excellent resistance to water, fire and bending movements.

Unlimited flexibility and customisation once again prove to be the springboard to a unique design experience.

Or in our Major model, which can be enhanced with thin stoneware fronts, creating a pleasant contrast with the other elements of the collection and the cabinet sides. These carefully selected details contribute in making the bathroom furniture a well-defined aesthetic choice, where each chosen finish is skilfully used to accentuate its beauty.

High technology materials

The new bathroom collection embraces innovation with the introduction of cutting-edge materials such as HPL and Fenix, bringing modernity and functionality to our wellness environments. HPL is characterised by its strength, durability and versatility and offers a wide range of finishes, allowing us to create elegant, refined surfaces that can withstand everyday wear and tear and retain their beauty over time. Fenix combines aesthetics with exceptional performance: its anti-fingerprint characteristic, high scratch resistance and self-repairing capability make it perfect for bathrooms, offering an uncompromising design experience.

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Two examples introducing these new materials are Deep and Facto bathroom furniture.

The Deep model is perfect as a hanging bathroom furniture or mounted on a metal base. It has a unique modular flexibility, developed around three different depths and enriched by the possibility of customisation through the optional addition of a back panel, accompanied by side panels, made with innovative materials such as Fenix and Hpl.

The elegance of the one-piece unit

The new Facto model is characterised by a one-piece element that catches the eye with its visual impact. This unique element becomes the true star of the entire collection, offering a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Its modular nature and playful volumes create an appealing atmosphere. The higher sides and fronts define an organised space, complete with dividers, dedicated to make-up or personal hygiene products. Facto represents a perfect fusion of bold design and intelligent functionality, offering a modern bathroom experience that will not go unnoticed.

Birex bathroom furniture expresses itself in all shades of contemporary style, with countless finishes and models with extensive modularity.

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