The bathroom, besides being a functional space, can become an oasis of relax and beauty with the right choice of furniture. Among the different options, wall-mounted and floor-standing bathroom furniture represent two distinct approaches, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Major wall-mounted bathroom furniture | Facto floor-standing bathroom furniture

Wall-mounted bathroom furniture: lightness and elegance

Wall-mounted bathroom furniture has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and not without reason. Their main characteristic is the light and spacious feeling they give to any bathroom. Mounted directly on the wall, these furniture units leave space underneath them free, creating a sense of visual openness and fluidity. This makes them perfect for smaller bathrooms or for people looking for a modern, minimalist design.

Advantages of wall-mounted bathroom furniture:

  • Space optimisation: Ideal for smaller bathrooms, wall-mounted furniture allows a better circulation and a sense of spaciousness.
  • Easy cleaning: The lack of feet or supports makes it easy to clean the floor under the furniture, helping to keep bathrooms tidy and hygienic.
  • Contemporary style: The wall-mounted design lends a modern and elegant touch to the bathroom, perfect for anyone looking for a contemporary aesthetic.


Disadvantages of wall-mounted bathroom furniture:

  • Structural requirements: Before opting for a wall-mounted furniture, it is essential to check whether the wall can support the weight. If not, it may be necessary to opt for a floor-standing solution.
  • Limited storage space: Due to their structure, wall-mounted furniture may offer less storage space than floor-standing furniture.
  • Complex installation: Fixing the furniture firmly to the wall may require drilling holes in the tiles, adding an additional step to the installation process.

Floor-standing bathroom furniture: strength and traditional functionality

Floor-standing bathroom furniture offers a solid and stable feel which many people appreciate. This furniture is supported by feet or bases that touch the floor directly, providing a sturdy and reliable structure. Although they may take up slightly more visual space than wall-mounted furniture, they offer a number of unique advantages.

Advantages of floor-standing bathroom furniture:

  • Stability and solidity: Floor-standing furniture offers a solid and stable base, ideal for those who prefer a sturdy feel in their bathroom.
  • Easy installation: Often easier to install than wall-mounted furniture, floor-standing furniture can be an uncomplicated choice.
  • Additional storage space: Some floor-standing furniture models offer additional storage space under the washbasin.


Disadvantages of floor-standing bathroom furniture:

  • Aesthetics: Some people may feel floor-standing furniture is less modern or stylish than wall-mounted furniture.
  • Floor cleaning: The presence of floor-standing furniture can make cleaning the floor more difficult, especially if there are closed plinths that restrict access under the furniture.

Hybrid solutions: the best of both worlds

If you are undecided between wall-mounted or floor-standing furniture, there are hybrid solutions that combine the advantages of both options. Floor-standing furniture with high feet offers a modern, clean aesthetic while maintaining the solidity and practicality of traditional furniture.

Deep bathroom furniture with feet

Sidéro bathroom furniture with feet

The choice between a wall-mounted and a floor-standing bathroom cabinet depends on needs, bathroom style and personal preferences. If you are looking for a modern, spacious design that optimises space, a wall-mounted design might be the best choice. On the other hand, if you prefer a more solid feel, you could opt for a floor-standing cabinet.